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Salah agent criticises 'dithering' Liverpool

Francis Bompard

Chelsea's 'troll everyone' transfer strategy paid off over the summer with the acquisition of Willian (seriously, imagine how differently the season would have gone if we didn't have him and Spurs did!), and the latest round of operation: Be Annoying has worked out fairly marvelously. Mohamed Salah was going to Liverpool, and now he's a Chelsea player. Even his agent's getting in on the action:

Seeing Brendan Rodgers sputter around about how he still had hopes he could sign Salah after the Blues confirmed the deal with Basel might have been worth the transfer fee on its own. Salah has every chance of making an impact at Stamford Bridge, but he's already made one at Anfield in leading them on before bolting for Chelsea. I like him and his agent already.

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