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Bayern told by Chelsea to 'name the price' for Toni Kroos, according to reports

Lars Baron

If you asked me who the least sensible 'splash' signing Chelsea could possibly make in a non-goalkeeper position, I'd have said 'Toni Kroos'. In fact, I was asked that earlier today, and gave that answer. So naturally:

Let's get something straight: I adore Toni Kroos. The prospect of having him on my team makes me a little bit giddy. He's one of the finest young footballers on the planet, a number ten who's good enough tactically to play in central midfield without compromising his creative skills... and oh this sounds kind of familiar because he's basically Oscar.

And that is the problem with Kroos. He's fantastic, and he would be a genuine pleasure to watch if not for the fact that we already possess his Brazilian twin. And while I'm all for the idea of amassing as much talent as possible regardless of position, the fact remains that there are probably better ways for the club to spend their money than in cloning Oscar.

In other words, this is completely nonsensical, and therefore will be happening in short order. Or something.

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