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Rodgers: If Moses does well enough to keep, Liverpool won't be able to keep him

Julian Finney

Brendan Rodgers has apparently cottoned onto the fact that if the on-loan Victor Moses does well enough for Liverpool to want him on a permanent deal, Chelsea probably won't be willing to sell. That piece of reasoning apparently took the Reds boss most of five months to process, but in Rodgers defence the idea that Moses was good enough to sign-long term probably hadn't crossed his mind until the other day, because the winger's been rather diabolically bad this season.


For Victor it is very simple. He wants to remain in a position that he will remain at a big club, whether it is Chelsea or Liverpool. There is no bigger motivation than that. In order to do that he needs to be performing day in day out in training.

If he does really well for us there is a possibility we will want to have him permanently but ultimately it is Chelsea's decision because he is their player. And if he has done really well, then they will want to keep him.

Source: ITV.

It should be pointed out that Rodgers isn't quite correct -- there exists the very real possibility that Victor Moses is good enough for Liverpool but not good enough for Chelsea, in which case I'm sure the Blues would be happy to sell, much as if we had Philippe Countinho or something. But then again, the last time we pulled something like that, we sent them Daniel Sturridge so maybe it's better to be safe than sorry and just never do business with the Reds again.

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