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Chelsea vs. Stoke City, FA Cup: Second Half Thread

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Ian Walton

It's been an easy, composed, and well-played first half from the boys in Blue. With Stoke defending with about twenty-three players behind the ball, Chelsea have dominated possession and proceedings.

Samuel Eto'o himself could've scored about two or three, while Frank Lampard missed an open net tap-in from three yards out before slamming an effort a few inches high. Oscar hit the post, while Branislav Ivanovic just missed a header that would've surely left Asmir Begovic with no chance.

Fortunately, one chance did go in. And it was a jawdropper. We haven't seen Oscar flash his talents on free kicks often before, but this one was rather fantastic. I'm not sure I can describe it well enough to do it justice.

So, Chelesa up one and could be up six. Let's make it so.