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Romelu Lukaku now has competition at Everton

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Traore gives Roberto Martinez another option, something he didn't have during the first half of the season

Clive Brunskill

Romelu Lukaku hasn't had a whole lot of competition for minutes at Everton, as he's been essentially their only decent option to lead the line this season. Today the club added a bit of competition for Lukaku though, reportedly agreeing to take Lacina Traore on loan from Monaco until the end of the season.

Frankly, Traore won't be taking any minutes from Lukaku if the Belgian is playing well. While his massive size makes him an interesting one to keep an eye on, he makes Lukaku look quite polished by comparison. Romelu should still continue to get regular starts for Everton, though he may get a bit more rest now that Roberto Martinez has another option.

This is also of interest to Chelsea fans, as we'll likely see Traore leading the attack when we face Everton at Stamford Bridge. We know Lukaku can't participate in that fixture, so we'll probably find ourselves dealing with the 6'8" Ivorian instead. That should be fun...