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St. Etienne gave Chelsea permission to speak to Zouma

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Philippe Huguen / Getty Images

Earlier in the month, we heard from Kurt Zouma that Jose Mourinho had been in contact, a comment which raised the question of whether or not Chelsea were acting illegally by 'tapping up' a player contracted to another club. Naturally, the question came up during Mourinho's press conference on Friday, and the manager didn't deny that he'd spoken to the young defender.

Instead, Mourinho said that the club is always looking around the globe for young talent, and that they'll speak to said talent directly when the clubs give them permission -- and so obviously St. Etienne have given Chelsea permission to talk to Zouma. The manager was very vague about Zouma specifically, but it's now clear there's an interest from everyone, including his current team, in getting a transfer done, and I wouldn't be enormously surprised to see more news about the 19-year-old coming in over the next week or so.