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Report: Mata delays are down to Chelsea

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Jamie McDonald

According to the Telegraph, Juan Mata is becoming 'increasingly frustrated' by Chelsea, who apparently aren't confirming the deal to send the 25-year-old to Manchester United for the princely sum of £37 million. While the fact that the Blues are holding this up is the news here, I find myself fascinated by the idea that Mata's frustration might be of any relevance. What's he going to do, threaten to quit the club unless he's allowed to leave faster?

Anyway, the interesting thing here is that Chelsea did not, in fact, sell Mata to Manchester United yesterday and the reason, if you believe these reports, is that the Blues are waiting to complete the signing of at least Mohamed Salah before they sanction the deal. Which makes perfect sense -- if we're selling Mata it's to change our squad composition, not to allow an inferior side to actively weaken the side, and we should ensure that we can buy the players we need to before letting an elite talent go.

If the other parties in the deal don't like that this is taking so long, they're free to walk away.

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