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A (slightly) hopeful note amidst the Mata carnage

Michael Steele

Selling Juan Mata is a very good way of pissing everyone off (so well done, Chelsea), but I think everyone will agree that the whole thing would be made even more upsetting if the club turned a fraction of the cash they're expecting to receive from Manchester United into Mohamed Salah and then pocketed the rest. Although Mata is a fan favourite, a 37 million influx is an opportunity to seriously reinforce here and now, and we absolutely cannot waste it.

We haven't had serious word that the Blues will be going on a spending spree if and when Mata heads to Old Trafford, but as Steve said earlier, we'll have to wait until the January transfer window to figure out what's actually going on. And fortunately, we're now getting some indications that there might be more inbound than just Salah:

Yes, I'm grasping at straws to make myself feel better over Mata; yes, it's at best highly tenuous even if the BBC are rather trustworthy, but this is the sort of thing that we see before Chelsea make some serious noise on the incomings front. I'd guess that over the coming weeks we get some very exciting rumours -- they may not be enough to get over the pain of selling a fan favourite, but bringing a big name in in a position of need will at the very least demonstrate that we're not blowing up the squad for no reason.

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