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Chelsea complete another loan deal

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Bryn Lennon

It's once more into the breach for Josh McEachran. After not very useful loans at Middlesbrough and Watford, the young midfielder is once more being farmed out to a Championship club. This time he's heading to defending FA Cup holders Wigan Athletic until the end of the season -- Chelsea have just confirmed the deal on the club website.

This move barely had time to be a rumour before it ended up official. There were murmurings that it might happen a couple of hours before it actually did, but the Latics kept things pretty well under the radar. It's a good opportunity for McEachran, long a We Ain't Got No History favourite, to finally tap into his talent and make an impact on a level he should already be good enough to dominate, and with time running out he has to seize the chances he is getting.

Hopefully he does well and helps Wigan out as they try to get into the playoff hunt (they're five points behind Reading in sixth), but with the disappointments of previous loans in mind as well, it wouldn't be a big surprise if he doesn't. Their midfield looks like a tough nut to crack at the moment.