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Even Wenger is teasing us over the Mata transfer

Scott Heavey

Whenever I encounter an Arsene Wenger quote, I'm never sure if it's ridiculously stupid or the product of an amazing self-deprecating sense of humour. And today Arsenal's manager is talking about the biggest story in the sport -- Juan Mata's impending transfer to Manchester United:

The tempting reaction is to eviscerate him for hypocrisy. There's an implied criticism of Chelsea in that quote (incidentally, most fans would agree with it), and 18 months after Arsenal meekly handed Robin van Persie to Manchester United, it's not difficult to point out the unreasonableness of Wenger criticising another club for selling a star to a direct opponent.

The alternative reading is that Arsene Wenger is winding us up and making fun of himself at the same time. That way is funnier, so I'm going with it.

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