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The Daily Hilario: Also the one without Mata

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Welcome to the new tradition.

Alexander Hassenstein

It may not feel like it, but there is actually life outside of the whole Mata transfer occurrence (tragedy? saga?). For example, I just went and played indoor soccer.

And got spanked something like 12-0.
Life sucks.

In other news...

California's drought summed up in two satellite images | io9
Life sucks.

The latest (reasoned analysis) on Michael Schumacher | Jalopnik & FormerF1Doc
Life sucks.

American football explained for 'liberals, ladies, and limeys' | SB Nation
Life sucks. This is actually pretty funny. And very well done.

Falcao injuries himself minutes after Chelsea (supposedly) accept Mata bid | SB Nation
I hope Falcao wasn't step two of our grand plan for world domination! While the severity of the knee injury is not known, many fear the worst.

Bayern to expand Allianz Arena by 10% | SB Nation
I was very impressed with that stadium when I was there for World Cup 2006. Adding more stands and more standing room should make it even awesomer. Which reminds me, can we get on with the whole safe standing thing already, England? Please?

Last night's League Cup shootout as seen from the Sunderland end | Roker Report
The RR's NSFW tag is particularly humorous, though this whole spectacle was something else. Special mention for Phil Jones's penalty, which ended up in some dude's face. WHAT DID WE TELL YOU ABOUT PERSISTENT STANDING!

FOOTBALL (all times GMT):
19.45: Coppa Italia, quarterfinal: Fiorentina vs. Siena
20.00: Copa del Rey, quarterfinal 1st leg: Atlético Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao

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