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Watch Jose Mourinho poke fun at Brendan Rodgers and Luis Suarez

Jose Mourinho is hilarious. No wonder we love him.

The master of handling the media is at it again, and it's definitely worth watching. We all know by now that Jose Mourinho usually has ulterior motives when he discusses anything with the media, and he's now making it a point to remind them that he's been criticising his players publicly when they try to con the referees, while some of his rival managers have not. After watching it for yourself, I dare you to view it just once.

What exactly Mourinho hopes to achieve by reminding the world that Luis Suarez dives a lot isn't exactly clear, but it's hilarious enough that I could watch it all day. Mourinho gentle teasing is so much better than the insane ramblings of the last guy, and it's making Chelsea infinitely more enjoyable to watch than they were 12 months ago. Never leave Jose, please, never leave.

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