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A View From The Enemy: Manchester United.

It's Chelsea vs Manchester United and it's time to hear from Dale, the founder of Stretty News.

Mike Hewitt

What are your thoughts on ‘The Chosen One' so far?

Moyes or the awful banner? It's been a tough start I guess, but nobody said it would be easy. He needs the backing of the club and fans. It's early days yet and some financial backing wouldn't go astray. He needs to get in a few signings.

Mourinho or Moyes? Why?

Well, Mourinho is obviously the better manager. That's not to say I wanted him at United. Mourinho wanted Mourinho to get the job but it wasn't to be. Maybe some day I could try learn to like him.

If you could take one player from Chelsea, who would it be?


Who do you think at United would actually get in the Chelsea XI this season?

Rooney (he's heading overseas, though, innit), Van Perise and Evans maybe.

How many players do United need to sign to challenge for the title again?

Note to one Ed Woodwad: Quality over quantity.

Where do you think you'll finish in the league?

Answering that and being spot on would be like winning the Lotto due to our high levels of inconsistency. Fingers crossed for top four.

If things don't improve, how much time has Moyes realistically got to sort things out?

Unlike other clubs (not mentioning names), I like to think we'll give him time. Moyes needs his own players. Then I'll judge.

How much of this season's performances can be put down to Moyes?

A lot to be fair. Moyes looks happy to sit within the limits when, really, he should be pushing them. The tactics are repetitive and, at times we have lacked confidence, plan, strategy and creativity.

Prediction for today?


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