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Nemanja Matic is ready to work hard, win titles, and make the fans happy

In his first interview with the club, Nemanja Matic says all the right things.

David Ramos

While I'm sure a video will surface later, for now we just have a few written words from Nemanja Matic as he embarks on his second go-around with Chelsea.

Much has changed in the three years that he's been gone. The side has gotten younger, less experienced, and at least in the center of midfield, a bit thin. Yet Matic knows that nothing is guaranteed and that he'll have to work hard to stay a regular like at Benfica:

"Yes. I've played regularly in a big club at Benfica, where it is not easy and there is a lot of pressure. In those years I learned to be a winner and play under that pressure. I developed tactically in Portugal also, training very hard and I believe I am better physically also."

Sounds good. We've got a squad of motivated, hard workers, so Nemanja should fit in quite nicely there. I'm sure it helps that he's got a friend here already - "I speak with Branislav Ivanovic, my friend and international team-mate a lot, a few times each month, so I know everything about the club!" - and of course that he gets to work with the world's best manager:

"[Mourinho] said to be professional, to give my best for the team. It's exciting to work with him, he is the best coach in the world and I want to work with him for a long time. I am ready."

Ready... set... trophies!

"I want to play and help the team to win the Premier League, and if it's possible to play in and win the Champions League in the future. I want to win titles here."

Well, you've certainly come to the right place for that!

"I am very happy for this opportunity to be back at this club. I feel very good because of that and just want to say I will give my best to help the team and make the Chelsea fans happy."

And if you still can't quite believe that we've actually spent proper moneys on a proper midfielder, here's a short Instagram video. Yey!

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