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Mourinho key to Matic transfer

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Michael Steele

During transfer season, we hear a lot about elite players wanting to work for elite managers. Being trained by the best is an attractive proposition -- not only does it mean that trophies are more likely, but it's also a key aspect of player development. Although money's probably the biggest driving force in football, the chance to work with the likes of Jose Mourinho is a motivational factor not to be understated.

The Mourinho Effect, in fact, turns out to have been instrumental in convincing our newest signing to re-join us:

We've had some good managers over the years -- Carlo Ancelotti springs to mind -- but nobody else has the magnetism Mourinho brings to the club. With Chelsea's buying power, their ability to win trophies and Mourinho's raw charisma, we have a major leg up in the transfer market, and we're making the most of it.

First Matic, next the world.