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Matic confirms Chelsea interest, ready to 'talk' once clubs agree

I'm assuming he means to talk about money, rather than the weather in SW6.

Eyes on the prize.
Eyes on the prize.
Michael Steele

We're slowly inching towards the finish line. Probably.

Our coveted desire, our sort of prodigal son Nemanja Matic - fresh off his unsurprising loss to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for FIFA's 2013 Puskás Award - spoke with the Portuguese media after the gala in Switzerland. While some outlets had already gone as far as to declare the transfer complete (while at the same attributing powers of teleportation to the midfielder, having him appear both in Zurich and in Cobham on Monday), it seems that there are still a couple hurdles left to clear, including the big one of actually agreeing over a price with Benfica - never an easy proposition.

"I still can't say anything about this, let's see what happens in the future, you have to ask the club and the president."

"If it's good for the club and for me, we'll talk. Let's see what happens until 31 January."

-Nemanja Matic; source: A Bola via Sky Sports

I love to procrastinate until the last minute as much as anybody, but it sure would be nice if Chelsea hashed out something well before the final hour. So let's get this done.

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