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Hull vs. Chelsea: Second half discussion

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The second half still needs to be played as Chelsea look to leave Hull with a victory, discuss the action here

Laurence Griffiths

The first half is in the books, and now we have a much needed break to go in search of caffeine. Hull have been mostly content to play risk-free football, while Chelsea's passing has been utterly laughable. The result was a first half that lacked many real moments of excitement, instead offering a seemingly endless string of turnovers without much threat of a counterattack.

Luckily, Chelsea haven't looked overly likely to concede anything today, and a single moment of quality could easily see them finish this game on top. The last few minutes of the half looked a little better than the first 40 or so, and Jose Mourinho's side has generally looked better in the second half this season. Here's hoping that continues today...