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Hull 0 - Chelsea 2: Initial reaction and community rating form

The Blues moved to the top of the table, and Petr Cech broke a club record. It was a good day.

Laurence Griffiths

Boring, boring Chelsea is becoming a thing again, and fortunately, so is winning. Chelsea did a nice job of lulling the stadium to sleep for the first half of this game, before Eden Hazard caught the Tigers napping and put Chelsea in the lead.

The game opened up a bit as Hull began to press for an equalizer, and Mourinho responded by taking Oscar off for John Obi Mikel. Fernando Torres was clearly not on the same 'kill the game off' page though, and put the game to bed with a late strike into the corner.


  • First and foremost, congratulations to Petr Cech for becoming Chelsea's all-time leader in clean sheets today. That's going to be a tough mark for Thibaut Courtois to break.
  • The first half looked like it had been longer than normal since the Blues played a competitive match. Chelsea started the game off with far too much passing the ball to feet and not enough passing the ball into space in front of the player. It's going to be tough to break down tight defenses like that.
  • We might be the worst team in the league at retaining possession after a throw. Hull seemed perfectly prepared for every one of our throws today.
  • Eden Hazard is swell.
  • Mark Clattenburg really shouldn't have been refereeing anywhere this weekend, after the incident at Southampton a week ago. If he was going to be forced to work though, he certainly shouldn't have been working a game involving another player or club that has made claims of inappropriate remarks against him. Common sense...
  • I'm glad that Chelsea have been looking more dangerous as the game progresses this year, as opposed to the trend of starting out very well and then fading that we've gotten used to over the past two seasons. It would be nice if we'd look at least somewhat dangerous early on though, and simply progress to unstoppable from there.
  • That finish from Fernando Torres was excellent. It was probably the only moment of usefulness he had all day, but you really can't argue with the result. Frankly, I'd take mostly toothless and a goal over somewhat useful and terrible finishing from my center forward anytime.

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