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Rodgers confident that Victor Moses will make a 'big contribution' over the second half of the season

Stu Forster

We didn't really talk about it because there really wasn't all that much in it, but earlier this week, several outlets ran with the story of Chelsea being "upset" with Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers over Victor Moses's loan.  Some went even as far as to claim that the season-long loan will be cut short.  It was all highly unsubstantiated of course, but Rodgers has seen fit to deny them anyway.

"I was surprised to see the reports [...] considering I've got regular dialogue with Chelsea.  I saw Eddie [Newton] only last weekend [...] We speak openly about [Moses's] development."

I suppose that doesn't flat out deny the rumors, but the implication is that if Chelsea were truly upset, they probably would've let Rodgers know.  That is, after all, Eddie Newton's entire job, to monitor our loanees and liaise with the loaning clubs and managers.

"In fairness to Victor, he got taken off during the weekend's game, but his reaction has been outstanding. We've spoken clearly about the demands and expectation at a big club, and what's needed. And his talent hasn't gone away."

"He's still very much a part of the squad here. He's very happy here. Of course, every player wants to play more, but he's obviously learning, as he's done at Chelsea, the demands of being at a big club."

"I'm very happy he's here, and I'm sure he'll have a big contribution to make over the second half of the season."

Halfway through the season, Moses is just about on pace to match his Premier League minutes from last season (588 vs. 1125 minutes).  Obviously he's missing out on any European action, but I think it's fair to say that even with his diminished role lately, he's seen far more of the pitch this way than had he stayed at Chelsea.

Good luck in the second half of the season, Victor!

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