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Southampton vs. Chelsea: Second Half Thread

Michael Regan

We stand scoreless at the half, in what's been a fairly entertaining, if ultimately a bit frustrating half. So just like in 2013!

Chelsea started like a house on fire and could've been up two or three in the opening three minutes. One of Southampton's defenders then head-butted his teammate, and the resulting break in action seem to have settled the home side down. Cunning move, that.

Thanks largely to the terrible conditions, it's not been a highly technical match. Instead it's been direct with lots of running, several sliding tackles, and lots of chances at both ends. Neither side have converted, with Kelvin Davis making several excellent saves (whenever we didn't blaze over or shoot tamely into his hands) at one end and Chelsea's defenders blocking shots like it's the Champions League final at the other.

So, 45 minutes to decide this one. Buckle in and enjoy the ride. COME ON CHELSEA!

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