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Transfer window feast leftovers: the Falcao strikes back ... soon?

Michael Regan

The main course in the three-month feast that was the summer transfer window was succulent "center forward," prepared in the most appetizing ways possible.  And regardless of whether it was the bit plump Wayne Rooney, the bit young Robert Lewandowski, the bit sinewy Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the all-around best Edinson Cavani, or simply the most pure of purest center forward Falcao, they all took their turns on the proverbial serving platter.

After three months, only two of the five ended up moving, yet you'd be naive to think that's the last we'd hear of them.  But since Rooney and Ibrahimovic were never going to be sold despite rumors to the contrary, and Lewandowski is earmarked for Bayern already, and Cavani & Falcao both just moved for untold amounts of millions, what could there possibly be to talk about?

But now there are further revelations. Spanish TV show Punto Pelota have lifted the lid on an apparent clause in Falcao's contract that becomes active from January 2014 and allows the player to move in the event a sufficient offer 'from a team like Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester United' is lodged.

-source: Manu Sainz, Punto Pelota via Here is the City

Suddenly a wild buyout clause emerges!

Falcao moved to Monaco for €60m and Le 10 Sport imagines this rumored buyout clause is for the same amount.  Which at first glance doesn't make much sense at all, but perhaps the whole thing will prove to be a way to rid the player of his complicated agent-third-party-ownership situation.  Falcao's handlers got their payday courtesy of Monaco and now they do a bit of Jerry Maguire and repay the player's faith by allowing him to move to one of the top clubs in the world.  Or something.  There's some tax situation going on with the principality as well, but I don't think that's any more of a real thing than the movie plot line (subplot: Russian oligarch bromance) I just conjured up.

One thing's for sure though, despite Chelsea tracking down a clear path as far as their future center forward situation is concerned (next year is THE year of Lukaku, right?  RIGHT!?), we have not heard the last of Falcao.

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