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David Luiz: Neymar and Alves couldn't convince me to quit Chelsea

Shaun Botterill

There was a disturbing lack of faith in David Luiz this summer. Not in his defending, which is a kind-of-justifiable lack of faith, but in the commonly-held idea that he was hoping to leave Chelsea for Barcelona when the Catalans came calling. Did we really think that the geezer would abandon the club in our hour of need?

Surely you know him better than that:

Rejecting the idea of joining Barcelona to stay at Stamford Bridge? I'd say that makes me like David Luiz more, but in reality it's just kind of what I expected from the dude. He seems like he loves being at the club, and Chelsea is the sort of place where we keep players around for a while to boot. We shouldn't be scared of the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona coming for players like David Luiz -- we're a big club too, and have the financial muscle to ensure that our core players remain with the team.

That we have a group of players who seem rather loyal to one another helps too. In your faces, Neymar and Dani Alves. In your faces.

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