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Mourinho decides to stop wasting time on muckracking idiots, walks out of press conference

You've probably seen the headlines by now: "Mourinho storms out" of Monday's press conference. How immature! He just up and left without a proper goodbye; all the noble and honorable journalists left looking homeless as they held their Pens of Pandering and Recorders of Rubbish defeatedly. The Daily Mail have taken great glee in calling him an immature "kid," throwing José's own line about AVB back in his face.

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and we no longer have to rely on rags to set the narrative. They'll still try of course, but we get to judge for ourselves through the miracle of video, the Internet, and YouTube.

So let's watch it and judge for ourselves.

I don't about you, but that has to be the weakest storming-out of all time. There's even a valediction! "See you tomorrow," he says, although he probably means "Die in a fire, you incompetent, muckracking nincompoops!"

This is fantastic because nobody asks me about Mata. You are three weeks speaking about Mata and now you're speaking about Kevin De Bruyne. So you are not interested in the players that are playing, you are interested in the players that are not playing.

-José Mourinho

That last line is fantastic. I love that little smirk from Frank Lampard at the end, too. That's my dawg!

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