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Supposed Chelsea target Bruma heads to Galatasaray

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The long-running Bruma saga has finally come to an end: Despite reported interest from Chelsea, the youngster has been sold to Galatasaray by Sporting Lisbon. This was always the more likely outcome after Bruma's attempts to escape his contract with Sporting was thrown out by an arbitration panel -- although there were plenty of suggestions that Stamford Bridge was the players preferred destination, Galatasaray were offering far more money in transfer fees than the Blues were.

All in all, the Turkish side have paid €10 million for his services, although there are suggestions that that could rise to €13 million through add-ons. Bruma, who's 18 years old and impressed with Sporting and the Portugal under-20 side, will presumably be getting a hefty raise as well. Since the point of acquiring ferociously talented youngsters on the cheap and developing them is that they're cheap, I'm finding it difficult to be too cut up about missing out here. I reserve the right to pretend I didn't say that should he turn into a superstar.

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