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Eden Hazard suffered an Achilles Tendon injury with Belgium

There is no word yet on the extent of the injury

Shaun Botterill

Eden Hazard has aparently suffered an injury while away on international duty. Mark Wilmots confirmed this morning that Hazard was dealing with an Achilles Tendon injury which he suffered during training.

There isn't any word yet on the severity of the injury, or whether or not the player will even miss Belgium's qualifiers because of it. I'd certainly hope he's not used if he's at any risk at all though, and that Chelsea call him back to London to be checked out immediately.

Luckily for the Blues, they have such ridiculous depth in the attacking band that they'd be able to adequately cover for an injury. That said, let's hope this isn't serious.


It sounds as if it's nothing too serious, and that Hazard will be fit for Friday's game

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