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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Chelsea FC: You chose the squad

Almost 2,000 of you responded to our you choose the squad post, here's the players you selected

Alexander Hassenstein

We gave you the opportunity to tell us who you'd select in Jose Mourinho's shoes, and almost 2,000 of you responded with your votes. Unsurprisingly you all selected a stronger lineup than you did for the match against Swindon Town, and here are the starting lineup and bench you collectively decided on:

Starting XI

Petr Cech - Petr Cech was selected on only 1,903 of the 1,947 responses? I guess we had 44 trolls.

Branislav Ivanovic - 1,673 of you want to see Ivanovic in the starting eleven, easily enough to beat out Cesar Azpilicueta at right back.

John Terry - Terry has been in relatively good form this season, good enough that 1,389 of you want to see him start.

David Luiz - The Brazilian seems to fit Jose Mourinho's system just fine, and 1,411 of you have been impressed enough by him to select him to start against the Spuds.

Ashley Cole - Everybody was pretty down on Cole after his start to the season, but Ryan Bertrand's showing midweek had Ash back on just about every response. 1,768 of you wanted him starting, which topped all Chelsea defenders.

John Obi Mikel - What happens when Mikel scores a Premier League goal? 1,295 of you decide you want him to have a shot at making it consecutive games.

Ramires - Ramires has been a favorite in these things all season, and 1,083 of you still wanted to see him start.

Eden Hazard - As usual, Hazard led all outfield votegetters with 1,808 votes.

Juan Mata - Mata's popularity has waned a bit in these posts, but he's still a starter for 1,410 of you.

Oscar - Oscar was nearly as popular a choice to start as Hazard, appearing on 1,782 responses.

Fernando Torres - Hell must have frozen over this week, as Torres was the community selection for a meaningful game against a quality opponent. 1,285 of you wanted to see Torres start.


Mark Schwarzer - The Aussie was an easy choice to sit behind Petr Cech, with 1,696 of you selecting him. The odd thing here was that only 1,775 of the 1,947 votes had a backup keeper selected, meaning 172 of you should never, ever consider a career managing a team.

Andre Schurrle - Schurrle didn't get picked to start, but 1,141 of you want him on the bench.

Willian - Willian was also a popular choice for the bench, showing up on 1,134 ballots.

Samuel Eto'o - Eto'o has yet to really look good in Chelsea blue, but you all still think more highly of him than you do of Demba Ba. 1,105 of you want him on the bench.

Cesar Azpilicueta - Azpilicueta is finding it as hard to break into the WAGNH eleven as he is with Mourinho's, but he was a bench player for 1,082 of you for this one.

Frank Lampard - Lampard was nowhere near enough votes to start today, but 921 of you want him on the bench.

Kevin De Bruyne - The Belgian earned the final spot on your bench for Tottenham, getting 913 votes to earn the final spot.

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