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Mourinho: Mata 'made a big effort to come in my direction'

Michael Steele

If you were wondering whether Juan Mata's hard work against Swindon was enough to make the rather exacting figure of Jose Mourinho happy, I think we have an answer. When asked about the 25-year-old, the manager was very positive:

He has a professional attitude. He made a big effort to come in my direction. So now I come to his direction.

-Source: Daily Mail.

So that's nice. Whether that means he'll be in the squad to face Tottenham Hotspur, I have no idea, but no matter what it's clear that this is a technical issue rather than a personal one (i.e. Mourinho doesn't hate Mata's guts for no reason). Personally, I think Juan Mata attempting to defend is kind of pointless unless someone's figured out how to convert adorableness into ball recovery, but if we end up with a more versatile player out of all of this, so much the better.

And no, I am in no way surprised that Mata handled all of this professionally. It's what he does.

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