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Blues confirm van Ginkel set to miss six months

Stanley Chou

Chelsea have confirmed that Marco van Ginkel suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament during the 2-0 League Cup win at Swindon Town. They've also confirmed that he's already gone under the knife for the injury, and that surgery was a success*. That's the good(ish) news. There's bad(ish) news as well, which you can probably gather from the title -- van Ginkel will be out for about six months as he recovers.

*I don't think I've ever heard of ACL surgery not being a success. That would be a pretty horrifying piece of news to read -- 'we were trying to repair his anterior cruciate ligament but accidentally tore his meniscus instead. Whoops.' But I digress.

I say bad(ish) because it honestly could have been worse. Six months is a pretty optimistic diagnosis for an ACL tear, and if everything goes according to schedule we should have van Ginkel back well before the end of the season. So he won't miss the entire year, just most of it. That was a pretty poor job of trying to find a silver lining in this news, but at least I tried, right?

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