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David Luiz: 'We don’t have to prove anything'

Michael Steele

Jose Mourinho's team selection has been the story of the season so far. One of the things about stories, mind you, is that they're chosen by the people writing about the team, and the mood amongst analysts and supporters doesn't necessarily reflect how the players are feeling. For example, here's a quote from David Luiz about being dropped for the Fulham match and then having to 'prove himself' against Swindon Town:

We don’t have to prove anything. We just have to show that we want to play. Everyone had an opportunity to play and show our football and that’s it.

This is a big club and we have many, many good players. If Chelsea just had 11 players we could win nothing.

-Source: Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle.

Even if he's pissed off -- and David Luiz's emotions aren't always under control, if the way he plays is any guide -- he's doing a masterful job of toeing the party line here. That means that he's either so scared of Mourinho he's afriad to step out of line, or that the players really do feel like they have agency in selection and that they're all working together for the team.

The latter seems more likely, and if that's true it's pretty impressive that everyone's so... gruntled about the goings-on this season.

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