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Swindon vs. Chelsea: You chose the squad

We gave you the chance to play Jose Mourinho, and here's what you all decided

Thananuwat Srirasant

As always, we gave you the opportunity to tell us what you would do if put in Jose Mourinho's shoes, and we had an awful lot of responses to sort through to come up with the community lineup. The starting lineup was nearly unanimous, with only two positions generating much in the way of competition at all. The bench was far more interesting though, as there were quite a few players that came close to making the cut. Here's what you collectively decided:

Starting XI

Mark Schwarzer - 84.5% of you want to see Schwarzer make his Chelsea debut today. Australians everywhere can rejoice!

Cesar Azpilicueta - Azpilicueta has been somewhat of a forgotten man this season, but the vast majority of you want to see him playing against Swindon. Azpi was chosen as a starter on 1160 of the 1191 responses, narrowlyedging out Juan Mata for the highest total in the squad.

Gary Cahill - Cahill didn't have an overwhelming total, showing up on just 659 responses as a starter. That easily beat out Branislav Ivanovic though, as Bran garnered only 331 votes.

David Luiz - Luiz was a clear starter, getting 1105 votes for this one.

Ryan Bertrand - Bertrand wasn't as popular as Azpilicueata was, but still got an overwhelming majority with 1121 votes.

Marco van Ginkel - The young Dutchman was the leading midfield vote-getter, showing up on 1085 responses.

Michael Essien - Essien trailed van Ginkel by just 43 votes for this one, but finished over 900 votes in front of Frank Lampard for the second spot in our pivot. Landslide.

Juan Mata - I already hinted that Mata was a popular choice today, he showed up as a starter on 96.6% of the responses.

Kevin De Bruyne - Kevin De Bruyne didn't end up too far behind Mata, collecting 1096 out of a possible 1191 votes.

Willian - Willian brought up the rear for the attacking band, showing up on only 1094 responses.

Demba Ba - I honestly thought we'd see Fernando Torres as your choice for a second game in a row, but Demba Ba won the tightest vote of them all. Ba got 596 votes to Fernando's 531.


Jamal Blackman - The backup keeper was sort of close, with many of you split between Petr Cech and the youngster. In the end, Blackman was the choice for 570 of you, edging out the 445 votes for the helmet.

Branislav Ivanovic - Bran can provide cover for both Azpilicueta and the center backs, and I'd imagine that's why 718 of you selected him for the bench.

Ramires - Ramires didn't get much love for the starting lineup, but 707 of you wanted to have him on the bench.

Frank Lampard - Lampard trailed Ramires by a few votes, gathering just 676 for a bench role. That still give us the chance to see the Ramires/Lampard pivot at some point though.

Eden Hazard - Most of you wanted to see Eden Hazard get a rest, but 636 of you still want him on the bench.

Andre Schurrle - No center forwards made the WAGNH bench today, but Andre Schurrle can be the emergency cover with 677 votes.

Oscar - One of Jose Mourinho's favorites was the last man to make your bench, collecting 551 votes out of a possible 1191.

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