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Warning: the following words from Roberto Martinez may make you sad

Clive Brunskill

Roberto Martinez is a lucky man, for he gets to be in awe of Romelu Lukaku in person on a daily basis.

Putting aside the general lack of any proper concern for concussions in English football, Lukaku had himself an Everton debut to remember.  Coming on as a half-time substitute after Martinez decided to roll with an unchanged lineup from Everton's home win vs. Chelsea, the 20-year-old center forward, as ever, proved a constant handful for the West Ham defense before scoring the winning goal five minutes from time.  All in a day's work, right, Romelu?  Martinez was suitably impressed:

"Believe me, I have worked with him for three weeks, and I don't see a weakness. It is an exciting feeling to get a player like that in the dressing room."

-Roberto Martinez; source: Soccerway

Predator-Alien hybrids' only weakness is to nuclear bombing from near-Earth orbit.  And I don't think that's legal in the Premier League.  Duh!

"I was delighted with the instant impact he had, but not just in his play."

"He's a thinker, a real knowledgeable man.  He speaks six languages, and is someone who looks at games in a very different way. He's like a manager in the way he looks at games.  He looks at where the movement is, where the space is, and I have been very surprised at that side of him."

"And he has that at 20! He will speak about games that he has seen, and different moves. It's not a normal conversation that you would have with a 20-year-old footballer, believe me!"

-Roberto Martinez; source: Soccerway

Kevin De Bruyne called him a walking, talking football encyclopedia and it looks like the Everton manager has been leafing through the pages of the Encyclopedia Lukakunica as well.

I guess all we can say at this point is "You're welcome, Roberto Martinez; please enjoy*" and then sit in the corner and be sad as we pray for one of our non-loanee strikers to pass Mikel on the Premier League goalscoring charts.

* at least until January, as contrary to most reports, Mourinho never actually denied having a recall clause in the Future King of Stamford Bridge's loan contract.

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