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Mikel scores a goal; everyone goes nuts

Where were you when the unthinkable happened?

And so it came to pass that on the twenty-first day of September, 2013, John Obi Mikel scored a league goal for Chelsea Football Club.

via @feintzebra

It wasn't as fancy as the one he scored this summer against Uruguay, but this one truly counted.  In the Premier League!  At home!  In front of the Matthew Harding.  184 matches scoreless no more!

via @joshscuby

Our second half game thread and initial reaction post already had plenty of fun reactions, so let's see how the rest of the Internet reacted to this earth-shattering, cosmic occurrence.


"Prolific" - well done, Chelsea official Twitter guy!

He scores when he waaaaaants...

To be fair to José, he was probably more concerned about bracing for the Oscar-Mata questions ... while putting Jamie Redknapp back in his place.

That's because Spy is awesome.

Ever likable, that Belletti.

"He's just like Fernando Torres," Oscar added later off the record.

That's a bingo.

And that's why we love Mikel.

I wonder who holds the record now...

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