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Mourinho gives a level-headed reaction to a tough week

Ian Walton

If you haven't noticed, the last seven days have kind of sucked a lot for Chelsea. Losses to Everton and Basel (the latter at home, no less) have put most supporters in a very bad mood, and while nobody in their right mind is calling for Jose Mourinho's head or anything there's a black cloud hanging over the team as we head into the match against Fulham. The manager's job is to make sure it doesn't affect the players, and from his quotes, he's not letting it get to him at all:

The first thing I have to say is we lost nothing. We didn't finish third in the Champions League group, we didn't get relegated to the Europa league and we didn't finish third in the Premier League. We lost one match in the Premier League, the other five contenders for the title have all lost a match apart from Liverpool.

In the Champions League we lost a match that we shouldn't lose, but we were not relegated to the Europa League, so if you like scrutiny you will have to wait because it's not about the way you start but how you finish.


It's a mature, refreshing, and reassuring approach. On top of this level-headedness, he's also refrained from setting everyone who took the field on Wednesday on fire, instead resorting to a 'fun' training session to keep spirits up. This is almost certainly the right thing to be doing, because problems with morale are more dangerous than tactical issues, but, yeah, it'd have been tempting to blow someone up after that.

Chelsea have to move on on the pitch now. So let's do that.

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