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Report: Romelu Lukaku headed to West Bromwich Albion for another loan

Having spent last year on loan there last season, West Bromwich Albion are well-known to Romelu Lukaku. As such, it appears he's chosen them over Everton for his loan destination.

Michael Regan

Despite it appearing that he was headed to Everton on loan mere moments ago, it now appears Romelu Lukaku has instead decided to return to his former loan home West Bromwich Albion, and is on his way there as we speak. At least according Sky:

While it's sure to be unpopular with Chelsea supporters, there may ultimately prove to be a good reason for sending the big Belgian out on loan again. The most-likely is probably just that the club feel he'd get more quality playing time elsewhere. It's also no surprise that Lukaku would choose a return to West Brom this season, since he was well-loved at the Hawthorns last season. He shouldn't require much in the way of bedding-in, and should immediately slot in to Steve Clarke's plans. It's yet to be seen if he's actually able to agree a deal, but, right now, it seems Lukaku will sign with West Brom tonight for another year's loan.

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