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The final three hours of deadline day are upon us, come join us at WAGNH

It's getting to look a lot like ... PANIC BUY TIME!

Tom Pennington

Part Three of the Transfer Deadline Extravaganza. Isn't it exciting?

Spoiler alert: Chelsea ain't gonna buy anyone and Juan Mata isn't going to be sold.

Sometimes at night, if I go out into my backyard, I get a faint whiff of some strong, strong bullshit. You see I live right next to cow pastures. And a rendering plant. All of England must smell like that on a night like this. But onwards with the transfer rumor circlejerk:

  1. Make up rumor
  2. Deny rumor
  3. Go back to Step #1; do not pass GO common sense.

Can we at least get some better rumors? How about more Khedira? Or surprise Cavani? Something, anything new and bold and exciting...

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