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Rumoured PSG bid for Mata never happened -- Sky Sports

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Although L'Equipe were reporting that Paris Saint-Germain made a bid for Juan Mata*, nobody else seems to think that that's actually happening. Just now, Sky Sports cited sources close to the player claiming that no bid has been made, and that Mata's not going anywhere anyway. Those two aren't actually exclusive reports. PSG could, after all, have asked after the 24-year-old informally and been rebuffed, but the general message is that Mata's not going to go to France today.

*They claimed that they were 'negotiating' for him, which is even funnier.

That's not too much of a surprise -- even if PSG were to bid on Mata, there's virtually no chance that Chelsea would be willing to let him leave this late in the window, even for an astronomical figure. It looks as though everyone who was invested in the 'Jose Mourinho wants to murder exile sell his best player because he is evil' narrative is going to be pretty disappointed when the window closes.

There's been smoke all summer, but frankly the fire is nowhere to be found. And, in the case of Mata, that's the way we all like it. Now sign a new deal.

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