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Torres, Tottenham Hotspur and today's silliest transfer rumour

Ian Walton

Sky Italia are always a great source for hilariously implausible transfer rumours, but they've topped themselves today. According to our good friend Tancredi Palmeri, whose descent into the murky mists of raving lunacy might have been the story of the summer, Chelsea have rejected an attempt from Tottenham Hotspur to swap Fernando Torres for Emmanuel Adebayor.

Yeah, that's a real rumour. Believing it requires us a) to think that Spurs would be interested in signing Fernando Torres after spending 30 million plus wages on Roberto Soldado, b) to think that Chelsea would turn down the opportunity to trade Torres' contract for Adebayor's -- remember that the former (admittedly currently in far better form) is signed for a year longer and on almost double the wages.

Neither of which is even close to plausible. It's rare that a rumour makes so little sense you can shoot it down with 100 percent confidence immediately, but Sky Italia are pretty good at being silly.

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