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Transferapalooza 2013: Open Thread

Good morning starshine, Transfer Deadline Day says hello!

Jasper Juinen

Are you ready for some football (transfers), a Monday night party?  Even though for the first time in three years, it will not involve one Raul Meireles?

MRLSH withdrawals aside, most of Chelsea's action will probably be on the credit side of the ledger, with plenty of loan moves expected, along with perhaps a sale of someone like Demba Ba (a talking head on Sky Sports News just said that a "representative" of the striker has claimed that over 30 clubs have made enquiries Re Ba's situation).  That being said, I wouldn't look a surprise gift midfield controller or center back or world class striker in the mouth.  Unless it's Lugosi Suarez of course.  Can't be too careful with Mr. Bitey and his vampire fangs.

Oh, in case you have just returned from your vacation under a rock and haven't heard - it's only been mentioned on Sky every five-ten minutes or so after all - Gareth Bale has signed for Real Madrid for a world record fee of €100m.  And Mesut Ozil may be moving to Arsenal in a deal of Willian-esque proportions on the head-scratching scales.  Crazy days.


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