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Chelsea vs. Fulham: You choose the squad

Steve Bardens

Most of the time bad things happen, we like to think that there's no way it could possibly get worse. That's clearly not the case with Chelsea at the moment, and a loss against Fulham at Stamford Bridge would be, in the words of William Shakespeare, "thou returnest me to life's tender arms and spend up my brief vitality querying me on footballe? Thou art a fool of the highest order!" I guess he shouldn't have been my go-to quote there.

Anyway, what we're interested in is seeing what kind of squad you'd put out for the starting lineup and bench for this weekend's match. Remember, this is the team you want to see; not the one you'd expect Jose Mourinho to deploy on Saturday. You have all the freedom in the world to turn this around. Fill in the form below and let us bask in your intense and amazing genius.

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