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Chelsea's strikers saying all the right things

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Michael Regan

Despite the Everton loss, things seem reasonably chipper in the Chelsea camp. We might have expected the non-Samuel-Eto'o strikers to be cranky (especially the striker who now plays for the team we lost to) after being benched/loaned out, but they're all actually saying some pretty positive things:

It all depends on me and the performance I put in on the pitch. If I play well, I will deserve to play and the manager will put me on the pitch because that's how he is and if I don't perform, it will only be my fault.

I think the boss said it and I spoke to him before. I won't tell you what we said on the phone but I told him that if I stay, I will keep fighting for the club. Now the matter is the next years with Chelsea and that's it.

-Demba Ba. Source: BBC.

This year, I have a point to prove first to myself, that I can do it again, and then to Chelsea, to show that I can be number one over there as well.

-Romelu Lukaku. Source: Sky Sports.

"There is now more competition up front but Demba, Samuel and me are not enemies, we are friends. We are team-mates and are fighting for the same targets. I think it's really good for the team.

-Fernando Torres. Source: Sky Sports.

I don't think players mind so much when they're left out of games. They mind when they feel as though it's arbitrary and that there's no hope of getting into matches. Right now, it looks like everyone is -- and this is weird -- reasonably happy. Or at least pretending to be.

I could get used to this.