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Sevilla fans attempt to find Marko Marin a wife

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

In today's bizarro-football news, Sevilla fans think their club's highest priority shouldn't be to add any new players but to find a fiancee for Marko Marin. Yes, that Marko Marin. Apparently, the fans are so enamoured with the on-loan Hero of Time that they're hoping to lure him into a permanent stay by finding him a Spanish woman to love -- so report Bild, at any rate.

It's an amusing story but also a reminder of just how well Marin's doing in La Liga. He's been one of Sevilla's key players, and that's good for Chelsea. No, he's probably not going to find his way back to Stamford Bridge no matter how well he plays (disappointed though we are with the play of the current attacking group at the moment), but a healthy Marin who's playing superbly will fetch a far larger price on the transfer than one who's permanently hamstrung. That's he's making such an impression on supporters already is a very positive sign.

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