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Hangover Sunday Open Thread

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Valerio Pennicino

Not too much football going on today to help cure our hangovers from last night, so this may be a tough one.

Southampton vs. West Ham United is your one and only Premier League option - kickoff is in an hour (16:00 BST / 11am EDT). Both teams have a chance of jumping up above Chelsea in the premature Premier League table with a win, so perhaps that adds a bit of incentive for us to tune in and root for Luke Shaw.

There's a smattering of random games in other European leagues too, but with most of the big boys playing yesterday just like in England, the pickings are slim. The Derby della Lanterna in Genoa might be fun, despite the relative ineptitude of the teams involved. Kick-off is at 19:45 BST (BT Sport 1) / 2:45pm EDT (beIN).