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Mourinho confirms interest in 'young, English player'

Shaun Botterill

The transfer window hasn't even been closed for two weeks, but we're already talking about future acquisitions. Such is modern life, at least where football is concerned. Anyway, in the leadup to Chelsea's match against Everton on Saturday, Jose Mourinho apparently confirmed that the Blues were looking at acquiring an uncapped English player:

I like a young player, a young English player. The market is closed but I asked a question to position myself to see where he was. We are speaking about a very young player but his price was like he has 50 caps when he had none.

The price for English players is very high, the market is very difficult.

Source: Mail.

The Mail think that Mourinho means Ross Barkley, and there's plenty to suggest that they're on the right track. Chelsea have a long-standing interest in the Everton midfielder, and he's exactly the sort of player that the Blues have been going after of late. The timing, just before the two sides play, probably isn't coincidental either.

That said, it seems unlikely that the club will be able to prize Barkley, 19, away from Roberto Martinez without a significant fight. Despite the arrival of James McCarthy, Barkley* still appears to be a favourite of the new manager, and the Toffees don't have a whole lot of impetus to part with the youngster unless a heaving pile of money is dispatched to Goodison Park.

*Who made his senior international debut against Moldova.

But, considering this rumour probably isn't going to go away anytime soon, it might be an idea for Chelsea supporters with an eye to the future to keep a close eye on Barkley tomorrow. Scouting a target is always fun.

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