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Keep on trolling, Willian

Bryn Lennon

I'm sure every Chelsea fan on the internet knows the Willian story by now. He was on the verge of signing with a certain club in north London run by a certain young Portuguese manager with whom we were previously acquainted before suddenly turning up at Stamford Bridge and signing a five-year contract. It was a surprising reversal, and Tottenham Hotspur were naturally rather annoyed about seeing one of their primary targets poached by the Blues.

After this auspicious start to his time at Chelsea, Willian's decided to make us like him even more, quite literally adding (truthful) insult to injury:

I always wanted to go to Chelsea. Chelsea presented an offer and it was always my dream to go there.

Chelsea is a better club than Tottenham in every aspect. I have spoken with my fellow Brazilians at the club, especially David Luiz. I am also happy to play for Jose Mourinho. That was definitive in my decision.

-Source: Globosporte via Mirror.

Granted, that's a translation and he might not have been quite so dismissive of the fighting chickens as it appears in that quote, but it's still pretty amusing. One can't help imagining that Mr. Villas-Boas won't be overly thrilled with Jose Mourinho being 'definitive' in Willian's decision, either. A gem of a quote to help us through this difficult international break.

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