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T-minus one day to transferapalooza / Super-duperlicious Super Duper Sunday Funday Open Thread

Football, Daniel, not handball!
Football, Daniel, not handball!
Stu Forster

'Twas the night before Transfer Deadline Day, and all throughout the house, lovely sounds of Super-duperlicious Super Duper Sunday Funday played through the channels of NBC on my TV set.

So yesterday was a bit boring in the GREATEST LEAGUE IN THE UNIVERSE EVER (TM), and last Monday was a bit lame as well, so hopefully today's TITANIC clashes of the GIANTS (GIGANTIC clashes of the TITANS?) will live up to their billing.

First up, at the bottom of the hour, it's West Bromwich Albion vs. Swansea City. This heated rivalry stretches back decades and decades, both teams flaunting their top division league titles in each others' faces, waving their massive transfer budgets into the wind and singing nasty songs about ... ummm ... rain - YEAH, RAINDROPS ON YOUR HEADS BECAUSE WALES - and, like, bags - BAGS UNDER YOUR EYES, NEENER NEENER. That's it.

Oh, right, the other one.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United: 13:30 BST / 8:30am EDT - Sky Sports 1 / NBCSN.

After that, it's flush with cash big spenders Tottenham Hotspur taking on flush with cash big savers Arsenal. Team AVB will be looking to stay perfect on the season starting at 16:00 BST / 11am EDT on the same channels.

Should be fun.

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