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Mourinho reminds us not to worry too much over David Luiz absence

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Chris Brunskill

David Luiz hasn't played much preseason football with Chelsea, which, given the transfer rumours swirling around His Curliness, has resulted in some awkward questions (and silly assumptions) over what's going on with the defender. And so Jose Mourinho has seen fit to give us an update:

If [David Luiz] does miss the start of the season, it’s only because of his injury. That’s why I’m not risking him.

He’s had good sessions in DC with the fitness guys. The team with Luiz are a better team but we don’t risk players in pre season.

David had an injury from before the Europa League final and still has little things with it, so we stopped.

Source: Mail.

Note that this is not Mourinho saying that we should be worried about David Luiz missing the start of the season. He's giving a hypothetical and preempting the inevitable 'David Luiz is pushing for a move to Barcelona' stories that will emerge should the defender not manage to get fit enough to play in our opening game.

As far as the injury goes, though, I'm a little bit worried -- and annoyed -- that this is a long-standing problem and coming back now, after he's gone through a series of intense games with Brazil. It definitely wouldn't surprise me if David Luiz knowingly played through injury for the Selecao (he's done it for Chelsea, after all), and if it impacts our season I'll get pretty cranky. Like Mourinho says, we're a better side with David Luiz in it.