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Chelsea's pursuit of Wayne Rooney to continue 'until the last day'

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Maybe Mourinho just wants this sweet bike.
Maybe Mourinho just wants this sweet bike.
Christopher Furlong

More Mourinho quotes on this post-match Thursday!  And this one's the big one that most major newspapers in the UK have decided to roll with as the headliner, for it concerns the English footballing heavyweight called Wayne Rooney.

Basically, with all the nonsense going on with the Manchester United want-away and his frivolous-sounding injuries - including the bit this morning where he got Malouda'd (or requested to get Malouda'd?) into the reserves squad - and his generally in limbo transfer status, Mourinho has moved to distance Chelsea from the craziness and ensure that everybody understands that we're doing things by the book.

"We are far away so we are not in England to know every detail but, we are doing things in the correct way."

"We made the bid and Manchester United have reacted, let see what happens. But we can’t do more than we are doing now."

"We are doing things legally, making the official bid directly to the club, no interviews or comments or direct relations with the player, no contact, absolutely nothing."

So that's all fine and dandy and there's no doubt at this point that Chelsea and José are in fact pursuing Liverpool's most famous set of hair plugs, but how long will this show go on?  United have rejected two official bids already, according to most reports, so just how far along are willing to string this thing?

"We have done it in an ethical way and we are going to do that until the last day."

Very far, apparently.

While by definition all transfers go on until the last day - i.e. either last day of the transfer window or the day that there is a definite decision made in some form - I have a feeling that Mourinho was in fact referring to the former.

So that's three more weeks and change of Rooney rumors, stories, and debates we get to look forward to.  Unless he signs before then of course.

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