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Mourinho tells Barcelona to stop wasting their time with David Luiz and move on to other targets

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Never let go.
Never let go.
Scott Heavey

So apparently yesterday - after weeks, if not months of rumors - Barcelona had actually made a bid of £35m for the slightly injured but very much unavailable David Luiz.  Unsurprisingly, their bid was met with instant rejection and with what I assume was a hearty guffaw from Technical Director Michael Emenalo.

After Chelsea's preseason loss to Real Madrid, manager José Mourinho - who, contrary to popular belief, dear media, and although no doubt playing a major part, is not actually in charge of Chelsea's transfer activity - chimed in as well.

"It's lost time for them. My advice to them is to go to the second player on their list because they are wasting their time."

"We don't want to lose our best players. No chance."

-José Mourinho; source: Telegraph

Time to move on to Daniel Agger or whomever else you Barcelona front office types may fancy then, and let poor Michael Emenalo get a rest from having to keep on answering all y'all Catalan prank callers.  Thank you.