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Don't panic, but David Luiz is set to miss the ICC final vs. Real Madrid

Warren Little

Okay, all together now ... and GO! Everybody freak out! David Luiz will not play tomorrow! Panic!

As we've said before, the theme of being very careful with any minor injury or ailment in the preseason continues for Chelsea. It's again going to be a very long season - once it finally starts - so it only makes sense to take it slow with injuries, especially ones that can linger annoyingly like hamstring issues.

Not that any of this will slow the relentless tide of tabloid nonsense. Did you hear that Barcelona were in London to talk shop with David Luiz? It's an interesting strategy, considering that the Chelsea defender finished his lunch just a couple hours ago in the USA.

Relax is a more than appropriate word to use in this instance. We all need to keep a level head amid the swirling idiocy of the Mundo Deportivos and the like. To help us out, Chelsea have stepped up their Twitter game accordingly as well. In addition to the lunch picture, they made sure to provide a snapshot of David Luiz's individual training to aid in his recovery. I don't think that's something the club would want done if they were about to sell him (right, Spurs Twitter account?):

And that followed on to a similar shot from yesterday's training:

No, wait, isn't that Lionel Messi on the right? PANIC!

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