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Patrick Bamford is healthy again and excited to get his season underway

The English striker is finally fit again, and will start this evening

Steve Bardens

Patrick Bamford is spending the first half of this season on loan with MK Dons, and the English center forward is raring to go when they take on Northampton Town this evening. Bamford spoke about his excitement to the Dons website last night:

"I sure am (excited), it feels like it’s been ages. I’m usually used to having only four weeks off but this time it was around eight so I’m just itching to get back playing."

"I was really happy to come back and play for the Dons this season but it was a bit disappointing, after putting in the pre-season work for the first week in Ireland, to then get smashed a few times (against St. James’ Gate) and be out for a bit."

"I missed quite a few of the games so I’ve been slowed down fitness-wise so since then I’ve just been catching up. Damo’s (Damien Doyle) tailored by match programme so I’ve got all the minutes."

"(Knowing a lot of the group) made the decision to come back here a lot easier because I wasn’t with a different bunch of lads, the guys here know what I’m about, I know what they’re about so it has been easier."

"It’ll be ideal to get off the mark tomorrow. My aim was obviously to get one against Shrewsbury but not starting and the lack of clear cut chances made that difficult so hopefully tomorrow, because I’m starting, I can grab a couple."

When Bamford's been able to stay on the pitch for the Dons, he's been very impressive in general. Unfortunately he's been out of action far too frequently, something that we'll all be hoping changes this season.

This will be the second league game of the season for MK Dons, the club drew their opener against Shrewsbury Town 0-0. They won't play their first home game of the season until this weekend, and hopefully Bamford will have already opened his account for the season when they do.

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